PPC SaaS is the ultimate in automated web based Pay Per Click bid management software as a service
application. This is an essential tool to help you manage all of your Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search
Marketing keywords and campaigns in one simple Web Interface! PPC SaaS runs on a server that you
access from your PC or MAC using your web browser.
PPC SaaS allows you the freedom to manage your PPC account from anywhere! You may merely login
to the friendly website portal, enter your bidding criteria for your Yahoo! and Google Adword PPC
campaigns and logout. PPC SaaS will automatically do the rest.
PPC SaaS calculates and invests in the highest quality keywords, maintains minimum ranking, and gets
more conversions over time with the same fixed budget. You can log into PPPC SaaS anytime to view all
your PPC campaigns in one place. With alerts set to keep you informed, you tightly manage your
campaigns without laborious calculations and time-consuming data sifting.

What Does PPC SaaS Do?

PPC SaaS automates pay per click account and campaign management for Google and Yahoo paid
search advertising. It lets you:
• Set Budgets for Yahoo and Google
• View results and alter bids without logging into Yahoo or Google
• Select algorithms based on campaign goals
• View keyword performance
• Isolate keywords from algorithms and set their bidding based on position or bid price
• View ad performance
• Change the status of ads without logging into Google or Yahoo
• Set performance alerts based on campaign goal criteria
• Customize reports
• View Google and Yahoo results side-by-side in graphical format

Benefits of Using PPPC SaaS

PPPC SaaS can help you manage your campaigns more efficiently and with minimal effort when it is
properly set-up and best-practice search engine marketing techniques are employed. Some of the
benefits of using PPPC SaaS are:
• Time Savings – The navigation within PPPC SaaS is designed to save time. Basic operations
are completed with minimal page changes and keystrokes. Performance alerts save time by
keeping you informed about key data critical to campaign success. Email alerts keep you
informed without even logging in to PPPC SaaS.
• Click-budget Savings – PPPC SaaS algorithms are designed to achieve better performance
than human intuition. If your goal is to save money on the click budget, employ the Budget-based
bidding strategy.
• Better PPC Performance – More conversions, clicks and better ROI with the same given budget.

• Peace of Mind – performance alerts make sure you see negative trends quickly.
• Flexibility – PPPC SaaS lets you employ multiple rules for keywords isolated from PPPC SaaS
algorithms letting you set goals for position, minimum & maximum bid prices.
• Tighter Tracking–PPPC SaaS tracks dynamic conversions meaning bidding is optimized not by
conversion event, but by conversion dollar amount.
• Easy-to-customize Reports – Up to date reports.

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